Monthly Field Trips

Children learn through observation, sight, tactile and olfactory. Sunny Bunny Montessori embraces field trips despite the hassle in organising them as this is an important part of children’s learning. The actual experiences from field trips are invaluable for the children.


Our monthly field trips are purposefully planned according to our theme of each term so that children can relate to what they learn in class to the outside world.


Children participating in field trips need to arrival at the centre 45 minutes b

Date Day Event
25-Jan-18 Thursday Hairy Maclary (Theatre show)
09-Feb-18 Friday The Dinosaurs (Theatre show)
23-Mar-18 Friday Yakult factory visit (10 am)
20-Apr-18 Friday The Nightingale (Theatre Show)
18-May-18 Friday Dragon Kiln
08-Jun-18 Friday SG Aviation Sky Kids Explorer
13-Jul-18 Friday Airport experiential play
17-Aug-18 Friday Cat in the Hat (Theatre Show)
14-Sep-18 Friday Jacon Ballas Children’s Garden
05-Oct-18 Friday Children Day – Family Day
16-Nov-18 Friday James and the Giant Peach (Theatre Show)
14-Dec-18 Friday Educational trip to Malaysia Farms