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Cultural Studies Programme

Cultural activities lead the child

to experience music, stories, artwork.

Language Curriculum

Language materials are designed to

enhance vocabulary and explore

both written and spoken language.

Mathematics Programme

Mathematical concepts are introduced

to the child using concrete sensorial


Practical Life Programme

Montessori educators believe that

children strive for independence and

thrive in an environment.

Sensorial Programme

Children are brought by their very nature,

to classify their environment

and to explore the environment sensorially.

Our Events

Upcoming Events Taking Place for 2018

Nursery Crimes

Field Trip: November 2018 Date: 16th November 2018 (Friday) Time: 9 am – 12noon “Fractured nursery rhymes challenges children in thinking out-of-the-box and encourages them to view things from a different perspective.” Polly Piper is bored. It’s raining outside and she’s played with all her toys a million times. After wishing she was “anywhere but ...

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Parent Teachers Meeting

Parents-Teachers-Meeting Date: 10th November 2018 (Saturday) Time: 8am – 2pm Dear Parents, Looking forward to seeing you at our 2nd Semester Parents- Teachers-Meeting on 10th November 2018. Our teachers will share with you your child’s development progress in all areas. Please be punctual for the meeting as we have a tight schedule on that day. ...

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Vision Screening for K2 and K1

Date: 9th November 2018 (Friday) Time: 9am – 1pm Health Promotion Board (HPB) conducts yearly eye tests for K2 & K1 children. These check for common eye conditions like myopia (short-sightedness). During this simple test, your child will be asked to read off a chart, from a pre-determined distance to check his eyesight. If the ...

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