1. Individualized Tours
You may make an appointment with us through phone call or through the form on our website. Appointments will be scheduled according to our visiting hours. In order to give you our fullest attention, we would appreciate all appointments be made in advance.

2. Registration Paperwork
The registration fee is $280 per child and is non-refundable. Registration forms are to be completed and returned to the school office or done online via our Online Registration page. Registrations are only completed upon submission of the registration fees and will grant your child a place on the school’s waiting list.

3. Confirmation of Enrolment
Parents will be allowed to choose the date of admission (subjected to availability based on waiting list status) for their children. In order to confirm the enrolment and secure a preferred date of admission, a deposit equivalent to one month’s fee must be paid in full. The deposit is refundable should the request for refund fall within the terms and conditions of enrollment.

4. Enrolment Paperwork
Copies of official documents of both parents and child along with any documents relating to requests in financial subsidies must be submitted. You will complete our enrolment form which include your child’s dietary, medical and lifestyle habits so that the school may cater to your child’s every need. An ECDA Form 1 must be completed and duly declared and signed to return Enrolment forms, ECDA Form 1 and all relevant documents must be completed and returned to the school office prior to the child’s formal admission.


You may access the school fee information via the “Our Fees ” link located within our children’s program description webpages.
You may also contact us @64551803 / 96476828 for the program fees or for any fee clarifications.

Yes. Tuition deposits will be refunded if one of these two conditions are fulfilled:
– Your child has graduated from our school (6 years old child with completion of last school term)
– Notification of withdrawal submitted one month in advance by writing (email included). The one-month notice must start from the 1st of any month.
Deposit will be forfeited if there is a failure to meet the terms and conditions.

– Cash
– Cheque
– Bank transfer
– Child Development Account

Yes. There will be no refund of fees if your child is unable to attend class due to medical or family and personal commitments.

Yes, you must continue paying school fee as long as your child is enrolled with us.
Alternatively, you may withdraw your child from the school and re-enrol when you wish your child to return to school if the period of absence will be substantial, subject to availability. However, the fee will be revised to the current rate. Do be reminded that the deposit will only be refunded when supported with a one month’s notice.

You must arrange for your child to be picked up on time. A $10.00 late pick up fee will be imposed after the agreed pickup timing.