Calendar Of Events

2019 Events

01-Jan-18 Monday New Year’s Day – Public Holiday
25-Jan-18 Thursday Field Trip: Hairy Maclary (Theatre show)
09-Feb-18 Friday Field Trip:The Dinosaurs (Theatre show)
15-Feb-18 Thursday Chinese New Year Eve Celebration (Half Day)
16-Feb-18 Friday Chinese New Year
19-Feb-18 Monday Chinese New Year (Replace Saturday)
02-Mar-18 Friday Lantern festival Celebration
03-Mar-18 Saturday Open House
23-Mar-18 Friday Field Trip: Yakult factory visit (10 am)
30-Mar-18 Friday Good Friday
20-Apr-18 Friday Field Trip: The Nightingale (Theatre Show)
30-Apr-18 Monday Centre Closure
01-May-18 Tuesday Labour Day
12-May-18 Saturday Staff meeting
18-May-18 Friday Field Trip: Dragon Kiln
19-May-18 Saturday 1st Semester Parent-Teacher-Meet (PTM)
26-May-18 Saturday Open House
29-May-18 Tuesday Vesak Day
08-Jun-18 Friday Field Trip: SG Aviation Sky Kids Explorer
14-Jun-18 Thursday Hari Raya Celebration
15-Jun-18 Friday Hari Raya Puasa
18-Jun-18 Monday ???Celebration
13-Jul-18 Friday Field Trip: Airport experiential play
20-Jul-18 Friday Racial Harmony Day Celebration
08-Aug-18 Wednesday National Day Celebration
09-Aug-18 Thursday National Day
17-Aug-18 Friday Field Trip: Cat in the Hat (Theatre Show)
22-Aug-18 Wednesday Hari Raya Haji
30-Aug-18 Thursday Teachers’ Day Celebration
31-Aug-18 Friday Teachers’ Day
03-Sep-18 Monday Centre Closure
04-Sep-18 Tuesday Centre Closure
14-Sep-18 Friday Field Trip: Jacon Ballas Children’s Garden
24-Sep-18 Monday Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
26-Oct-18 Friday Class Photo Taking Session
27-Oct-18 Saturday Open House
05-Oct-18 Friday Children Day – Family Day
08-Oct-18 Monday Centre Closure
01-Nov-18 Thursday Haloween Day Celebration
02-Nov-18 Friday Deepavali Celebration
05-Nov-18 Monday Centre Closure
06-Nov-18 Tuesday Deepavali
10-Nov-18 Saturday 2nd Semester Parent-Teacher-Meet (PTM)
16-Nov-18 Friday Field Trip: James and the Giant Peach (Theatre Show)
24-Nov-18 Saturday Staff Meeting
27-Nov-18 Tuesday First Concert Rehearsal @ School
30-Nov-18 Friday Full Dressed Concert Rehearsal @ School
04-Dec-18 Tuesday Concert Rehearsal
07-Dec-18 Friday Annual Concert and Graduation Ceremony
10-Dec-18 Monday Centre Closure
14-Dec-18 Friday Field Trip: Educational trip to Malaysia Farm
24-Dec-18 Monday Christmas Eve Celebration (Half Day)
25-Dec-18 Tuesday Christmas Day
28-Dec-18 Friday K2 Farewell Party
31-Dec-18 Monday New Year Eve Celebration – Half Day