Q: Is Sunny Bunny Montessori different from other Montessori school?

A: Montessori is not a brand name. It is the name of an Italian educator Maria Montessori who is the originator of the Montessori educational system that bears her name. The Montessori education system is based on her belief in the child’s creative potential, his drive to learn, and his right to be treated as an individual. Montessori is a discipline aiming to study and to help the development of the human individual from birth to maturity. It is an educational method as education is an integrative part of the formative process. All Montessori schools that bear the name of Montessori should basically follow the same philosophy. Children attending Montessori school will learn through playing with the Montessori materials in Practical Life, Sensorial, Cultural, Language and Mathematics.

Q: How to choose a good Montessori school?

A: A good Montessori school must first be equipped with complete relevant Montessori materials. The materials must be well maintained and are accessable to the children. Montessori teachers use the materials to teach and the children use the materials to learn. Montessori teachers must also be formerly trained and certified in Montessori pedagogy in order to deliver their lessons effectively. So a visit to the Montessori schools to view their Montessori learning materials is the first step in choosing the school. Parents should find out about the teachers’ qualification in Montessori teaching. An in house trained teacher may not have the expertise of a teacher who are formally trained with a Montessori Diploma.

Q: What to observe when I visit a Montessori school?

A: You will be able to observe the following in a properly run Montessori class:

  • Students working individually or in small groups, at their own paces during Montessori lessons
  • the classroom is fairly quiet and peaceful
  • Well organised Montessori Materials
  • A classroom that stresses a non-competitive environment
  • Different age groups of children in one class. However, this is usually practice in private school setting. It is difficult to implement in the child care centre or kindergarten settings. Therefore only our Learning Hubs conduct mixed age group Montessori classes.
  • Children learning independence. The children are being taught to do things for themselves and then implementing them at their own pace.
  • Teachers and staff focusing on children being polite and respectful to others

Q: My Child is not toilet trained. Do you toilet train our child at your centres?

A: It is not possible for us to toilet train children at the centre. To toilet train a child needs a long time of one to one attention. It will be at the expense of the care of other children in the group and the precious curriculum time. So children who are not toilet trained need to put on diapers at the centres. Teachers will help to clean up the children when necessary.


Q: Can we use CDA to pay for the monthly child care fees at Sunny Bunny Montessori Child Care Centre

A: Our centre is registered with ECDA. Parents can use CDA to pay for the monthly fees and will also get subsidies from the government for working mothers.

Q: What is the teacher-child ratios in Sunny Bunny Montessori Child Care Centre?

A: Our teacher – child ratios fluctuate from time to time depends on enrollment. As our teaching is done individually, we normally keep our teacher-child ratio low. During the Montessori lessons, the ratios are as follows:


Sunny Bunny Ratio (Average)

MCYS Guidelines


1 : 6

1 : 8

Nursery 1

1 : 6

1 : 12

Nursery 2

1 : 8

1 : 15

Kindergarten 1

1 : 10

1 : 25

Kindergarten 2

1 : 10

1 : 25

For other lessons such as Speech and Drama, Abacus, Chinese Language, Art and Craft, Puppetry Literacy etc which are conducted in group; we keep the ratios within the MCYS and MOE recommended limits.

Q: Do parents have to pay for your enrichment classes such as Speech and Drama, Music and Movement, Puppetry Literacy etc in Sunny Bunny Montessori Child Care Centre?

A: It is normally the case in many child care centres where parents need to pay as much as three to four hundred dollars additional fee for the enrichment programmes if they sign up all the programmes. We do not need to outsource our programmes as our teachers employed are trained and equipped with skills in teaching the various enrichment programmes. This allows us to offer the additional programmes free of charge. Our monthly childcare fee is inclusive of all the enrichment lessons in the afternoon. Parents need not pay additional fee for the enrichment classes in our child care centre.

Q: Why you do not out source your enrichment programmes?

A: It will inccur high cost to the parents if an external agents are engaged to run our enrichment programme. If we outsource our programme, parents will need to fork out as much as three to four hundred dollars more for the monthly fees. Moreover, we will not be able to monitor the quality and qualifications of the teachers engaged by external agencies. There are also no means for us to check the health status and characters of the teachers provided by external agencies. For the safety of our children, we do not use external agents to run our enrichment programme.

Q: What are the enrichment programmes included in your child care service centre?

A: Our child care centre runs a series of enrichment programme such as Chinese Abacus, Speech and Drama, Puppetry Literacy, Show and Tell, Scientific Investigations, Music and Movement etc. All these programmes are inclusive in the monthly child care fee. From time to time, we will fine-tune our programme for the best benefits of the children under our care.

Q: What is Puppetry Literacy?

A: Puppetry Literacy is our latest addition to our enrichment programme. It is our innovative project. We have won the innovation grant from MCYS for this project. We have brought more than 270 pcs of puppets for this purpose with the funding. It is aimed to train our children to articulate well and built their confidence and self worth. Children pick up public speaking and reading skills seamlessly through this programme. We use the puppets to do story telling to the younger ones and the older ones will learn the art of puppet shows and perform simple puppet show to the younger children after practicing with the scripts. We hope that our K2 children can learn and perform 1 puppet show per month to the younger children.

Q: Does Sunny Bunny Montessori provide school bus service to the centres?

A: Currently, we do not have dedicated bus service to our centre as there is no demand for the service. However, we do have a regular bus operator who will ferry children to and from Sunny Bunny Montessori as well as from the other centres nearby. If you require bus service, please get the centre’s supervisor to assist you in making the arrangement.

Q: How is Sunny Bunny Montessori teachers turn over rate?

A: High turn over rate of preschool teachers is an island-wide phenmenon in child care industries. The turn over rate of our teachers is kept very low as compared to many other centres. We have a system in place to ensure that children’s learning not affected by change of teachers and to ensure teachers stay with us as long as possible. In any unfortunate incidence of change of teacher, we always ensure the children’s learning and care are well taken care of.

Q: How often Sunny Bunny adjust the service fees?

A: Due to inflation and rise of teachers’ salary and rental; fees adjustment is inevitable. However, it is our principle not to increase the fees of existing children unless necessary. The adjustments of fees if any are usually applicable to new enrollment to our centres. We will only increase the fee of existing children unless there is a real need to do so. So far, we have not demanded any increase in fees from our existing children.

Q: For the food for children are they catered or do you have an in-house cook?

A: We always believe that we can monitor better and control what happens in our own centre. If we cater food from external caterers, there is no way for us to supervise and ensure that our children eat healthy and hygienic food. That’s why there are cases of food poisoning in some child care centres as reported in the news. Serious food poisoning may even lead to death. To avoid food poisoning and to ensure proper hygiene practice of the cook; we have our own kitchen and in-house cook to prepare food for our children at our childcare centre. This ensures our children eat healthy food that is hygienically prepared. We are also awarded Healthy Eating Child Care Centre Award from Health Promotional Board.