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Content on this page are genuine comments extracted from the feedback given by the parents during daily communication as well as the feedback collected from parents during the parent-teacher conference.


Mrs Charlene Khoo (Parent of a N2 Child)

One day, my daughter Ale came home and told me that Xiao Yun Jie Jie, a Chinese staff who stood in to relieve a teacher, read a Chinese book to her. I have the same reader at home and Ale remembered. She came home ransacked the bookshelf to find the book. Then she stayed with me and read the entire book on her own word for word. I was totally shocked! It’s amazing! Her Chinese foundation is so much stronger than my elder girl. the school makes a lot of difference. I think Su Laoshi did a very good job at building a good foundation for her last year. Ale is doing very well and really enjoying school. At home, she will sing the continents song too. A lot of difference from when she was in her previous school. I could see the difference last year within a few months after joining Sunny Bunny! I think Mrs Chan, the director, is doing a great job with the school. All her hard work can be seen from how much the kids enjoy going to school. For my Ale, I know she definitely enjoy going to school, never complain about not wanting to go to school. If I fetch her home too early I will get “scolding” from her in the car and then the next morning she will remind me no to fetch her too early. I especially like the prompt feedback, response and genuine concern from teachers and staff of Sunny Bunny! Thank you!


Mr & Mrs Teo Chun Woei (Parent of a K2 Child)

I like especially the non aircon environment of the centre – one of the few ones around as this is great as some children have sensitive airways. The centre also offered healthy and balanced diet to our children and constantly inculcate the values of nutrition to our children. All the teachers in sunny Bunny are true educators. They guide and love the children. No child is left out even if their learning paces are different. Keep up the good work!


Lee Syn Ee Eshlyn (Parent of a K1 and an N1 children)

Mrs Chan, the director, is very passionate and receptive to new materials/ways to develop children. She makes sure her teachers are well trained to teach the kids. Teacher Nora, the supervisor takes care of all things big and small so that the school can run well and teachers can have a good environment to teach. Teacher Nayak is very confident of teaching the kids. Teacher Su knows her students well and is aware of their development. Teacher Catherine and teacher Kanchan are very concern about the learning progress of their students. Teacher Piao, though new, is starting a very impressive programme on word recognition and speed calculation and is very confident that her students are able to grasp her teachings. On the whole, every teacher is impressive in their own way. We would like to express our gratitude to Mrs Chan and her team for nurturing our kids so passionately. I am sure they will grow up to fulfill their dream and inspiration!


Mr & Mrs Ng (Parent of a K2 child)

Sunny Bunny impressed on me their qualified teachers and the excellent surriculum. They make every effort to ensure clean phisical environment and instilling good hygiene and eating habits in the child’s mind. The certification by MOH on Healthy Eating is a very imporant factor in my decision to enrol my child and continue to attend this school. The centre also crete opportunity for children to be related in performance arts. My child has the opportunity to perform puppet shows at Bishan Library. My child’s teacher: Su Laoshi is very dedicated, patient and working very hard to guide her children. Teacher Nayak’s experience is also valuable in guiding the children in their learning.


Eileen Moh Tser Ni (Parent of a K1 and an N1 children)

The teachers of Sunny Bunny are very approachable. Both teacher Nayak and teacher Su are very nurturing teachers. I believe their lessons are also interesting becaus my daughter Chyenne often come home excited about what she did in school.


Mr & Mrs Lee Hwee Tong (Parent of a N2 and a K1 children)

I like Sunny Bunny especially for their caring, patient and loving teachers. Teacher Sun and teacher Nayak of my elder son are especially patient and caring. Teacher Catherine has also been very patient with my younger child Royce. Thank you teachers for take good care of my boys!


Mr & Mrs Chong (Parent of an N1 child)

Teachers of Sunny Bunny are very caring. I like the personalised attention to our child during the period of stress; they make an effort to update us of the child’s well being. They impress me of they genuine effort to upgrade and improve!


Lee Chern Lin (Parent of a K1 and an N1 children)

The centre always maintain good communication with parents so that I know what is happening to my kids in the centre. Teacher Brenda can handele the kids very well. She is especially patient with them. Teacher Nayak always update me on my child performance and keep me informed of his learning progress.


Looi Yin Li (Parent of PG, N1 and K2 children)

Sunny Bunny Montessori stood out as the most equipped and value for money Montessori child care centre we had visited when we were looking for a centre to place our kids. During the three years that our kids were in the centre, we feel deeply of the care and the effort of the many teachers that had helped our kids along the way to fit into the centre, pick up the skills and knowledge they need. Many thanks to teacher Kirsten, teacher Brenda, teacher Grace, Su Laoshi, teacher Sree and teacher Catherine for their patience in handling our second boy. Many thanks to Lin Laoshi too for injecting new materials and learning methods to the K2 Mandarin class. Not forgetting the friendly director and supervisor who always keep the parents in the loop of any updates and changes in the centre. Even the cook is so kind to share with us on how to cook my son’s favorite fish soup at home! We look forward to work hand in hand with the centre for the next 4 years till our youngest boy’s graduation!


Phang Teen Teen (Parent of N1 and K1 children)

My son, Bryan is in K1 and daugther Nicole in N1 had shown tremendous improvement and great interest in the mother tongue language for this year, while under the care of teacher Lin and teacher Su. They have been speaking more Mandarin at home nowadays. Good job teachers!


Eileen Moh (Parent of K1 child and ex-child)

Thank you to all staff of Sunny Bunny Montessori for providing a fun and nurturing environment for both my girls, Celine and Chyenne.


Eshlyn Lee (Parent of a N2 child)

Mrs Chan, the director of Sunny Bunny Montessori strongly believes in Montessori concept and she also has a team of dedicated and trained teachers, who work very well with kids. We are happy with the progress of our daughter and we are also enrolling our younger daughter next year.


Angie Chan (parent of Children in K1 and N2 )

When my son joined the infant care, the staff were very obliging as he had to eat his own homemade food due to milk allergies. Their care and conducive environment gave him the confidence to grow and try new things. The teachers are innovative in their approach even during nap time in an attempt to help my son to take his naps. The centre adopts an open-door policy and our feedback is always welcome and acknowledge. Their field trips are age appropriate and they encourage parental involvement. Their Puppetry Literacy programme is really a great initiative!
When my daughter just joined in Playgroup, she was given the right amount of guidance and time for her to just observe the surroundings. She took a few months to adjust to the centre but through loving care from the teachers and staff, she is not just adjusted well but has flourished in the conducive environment. She truly loves going to school everyday!


Gimson Lim (parent of a K2 child)

My deepest appreciation for time and effort put in to nurture my daughter Chevonne.


Allan Tan (Parent of a N2 child and an ex-child)

A well balance preschool for my son. I have my elder boy Tyler, who attended Sunny Bunny Montessori as well and he is coping well when he started his primary school.


Mr & Mrs Lee Hwee Tong (Parent of a N2 and a K1 children)

I like Sunny Bunny especially for their caring, patient and loving teachers. Teacher Su and techer Nayak of my elder on are especially patent and caring. Teacher Catherine of my younger son has been very patient towards Royce too. Thank you teachers for taking care of the boys!


Cheng Khor Wui (Parent of N1 child)

Sunny Bunny Montessori is a child care centre with committed teachers who engage with the parents to develop their children to the fullest potential. The director and the principal are the cornerstone of this centre which set the direction and curriculum in a very creative and interactive manner.


Ngan Siew Huan (Parent of N2 child)

Shun Yee has developed well in the aspect of drawings and colouring. She seems to take much interest in art and craft which is very encouraging. Thank you all teachers for taking care and guiding her with love and patience.


Esther Ang (Parent of K1 child)

Thank you to all the teachers who receive our children so warmly everyday of the school week! It’s make a great start of the day knowing that our little ones are well looked after by positive people!


Mr & Mrs Loi (Parent of an infant)

The conducive environment, excellent curriculum and committed teachers are what we like best of the centre. I should say, all the teachers at Sunny Bunny are excellent! Thank you!