Currently our school bus only serves the north-east of Singapore @Ang Mo Kio, Sin Ming, Hougang, Sengkang, Punggol Springleaf/Lentor Ave.

Please note that due to limited capacity, School bus seat availability will be based on a first come, first served basis.

School Bus Schedule

Pick-up time Arrival time
From home to centre 7am to 8.45am 9am
From centre to home 5.25pm 5.40pm to 6.45pm


Important Information:

  1. The school and its transport operators reserve the right to dictate the most convenient pick-up/drop-off point (e.g. closest bus stop) in order to facilitate speedy route movement to reduce passenger journey times.
  2. The Parent/Guardian is to be present at the arranged pick up/drop off time to send/receive your child. No SMS or call notifications will be given unless unforeseen delays occur.
  3. The bus will wait no longer than 5 minutes at the pick-up / drop-off location before leaving.
  4. Traveling time might change from time to time due to changes in composition of the group of children on the school bus and/or changes in bus routes. You will be informed should there be significant changes in timings.
  5. Should there be no one to pick-up your child after time has elapsed and/or the parent/guardian is uncontactable, your child will be returned to school.


School Bus Fares

1.5km to 5km  –  monthly fare for single trip = S$150.00

Monthly fare for return trip = S$200.00

5km to 10km – monthly fare for single trip = S$260.00

Monthly fare for return trip – S$300.00

10km to 15km – monthly fare for single trip = S$320.00

Monthly fare for return trip – S$360.00



  • The Bus Fare is determined based on the shortest road distance between the school and your address.
  • Fare adjustments (if any) may be made to reflect changes in
  • Operational costs (e.g. fuel prices);
  • Transportation policies;
  • Or Traffic rules (e.g. ERP, road diversions)
  • ​​Notice for any fare adjustments will be made in writing to you.


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